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A good presentation could be the difference between success and failure for a startup.  

Click.Blue is specialized in translating complex concepts into accessible diagrams and visuals that will help you make your point.

Selected Pitch Decks, Presentations and Brochures

Pitch Deck Design
Qlear Investor Deck
Pitch Deck Design
Pitch Deck and Storyboard for the Smartdrops Network
Pitch Deck Design
EQI Bank Presentation and Brochure
Print Design

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selected works in graphic & print design

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Selected Video Content

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Fashion Video

Fashion Video created for Brazilian-based brand Leptir

Interview with David Jonhston - Smartdrops
Interview with David Johnston, Early supporter of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polymath & the Factom Network. Here he talks about decentralized communities and Smartdrops.
Teaser for Social Media
Video Teaser to promote the Blockchain-based project Lexit on Social Media
Lexit - Ashtoncoin Ad
Commercial video shot in Tallinn, Estonia about Crypto, Blockchain and M&A Marketplace
M&A Market Infographic
A Fun animated Infographic about Markets and Acquisitions
Music Video
Music Video produced by musician MBowie and the Blast and NEOSYNDICATE. A new version of the classic Political Funk style song by Stevie Wonder You Haven't Done Nothin.
Inspirational Video Ad
Corporate Video for Music Agency
Social Media Short Video
Short Marketing Video for Lexit project with dynamic text about the use of Blockchain

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