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We've got deeply envolved with Cybervein's project and participated in all the stages of the marketing strategy. The Website was designed according to the project's highly technological content about Blockchain data and A.I. The user experience was crafted so that readers could quickly understand the website's pathways and navigate to relevant content about the technology. The Visuals created were based in mathematical structures, systems and networks and generated beautiful graphics which were used in their Social Media channels and brought value to campaigns helping in the grow of their communities. Cybervein was a huge success inside the crypto space thanks to our team of creatives who made it stand out in unique campaigns for Bitcointalk, bounty hunters and unique airdrops strategies.

Social Media Graphics  for the Ask Us Anything live video with Cybervein
Token Hunt Campaign targeted for Crypto Community
Social Media Ads

Brochure created for Crypto Event
Flyer created for Crypto Event

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