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Crypto Disrupt

Content Portal for the Crypto Industry

Services Provided by Click.Blue

Branding, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Presentation Deck, Print, Web Design

We've worked together with Crypto Disrupt to create an out-of-the box Visual Identity. We've had the freedom to create from scratch the Branding Concept and all the marketing material and visual content like Presentations, Prints, Business Cards, Website and Video. The reference for this Media Portal was the Street Art and Graffiti. The use of non traditional fonts based on stencil techniques as well as textures that seem like aged city walls helps to create this sense of urban contemporary environment present in the Logo and in all the Visuals. We've created unique illustrations for the Social Media Graphics and Covers bringing street style elements such as spray tint, brushstrokes and contrast colors.

Graphics created for Blog Post
Social Media Graphics

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