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Charitable Giving on the Blockchain

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Giveth is a project that is close to our hearts. We really believe in the power of collaboration just like Giveth believes in the power of communities. This is a continuous exchange of ideas that keeps evolving over time and it's still going on. We've tried to translate into images the revolutionary project and created a Logo that could be used in different media, by all kinds of people and Giveth's contributors. The icon has a free and collective spirit just like Giveth. It's an open-source Platform for Decentralized Altruistic Communities, built on the Ethereum Blockchain and everyone can collaborate with it and build their own community. Our collaboration went from the Branding and Logo development until the Video Content. On the mini doc "Giveth: Charitable Giving on the Blockchain", we tell this amazing story by the eyes and minds of their collaborators.

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