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Web Design & Development, Web Hosting & Management, Graphic Design, Video Content, Marketing Material, Pitch Deck, Print, UX+UI

Lexit is revolutionazing Mergers & Acquisitions by creating a Blockchain-based marketplace for IP and entire companies. Our teams worked together developing strategies in building their community and shaping their marketing content. From concept to launch. We've offered support on a dayly basis and unlimited updates in all stages of the project. The main focus was the website: we've created a modern, user-friendly interface with optimzed SEO. A product to clients, general public or private investors with quality content and a clear overview of Lexit's Ecosystem.

Moving beyond the website, or designers created a massive body of content across multiple media like Infographics, Social Media graphics for Bounty Campaign, Airdrop, Token Sale and Online Ads.

Our multimedia team combined their minds to create a series of videos to strengthen the brand: an animated Infographic about M&A's Market, two corporate videos explaining the platform and presenting Lexit team by their own words and a Fun Ad film campaign targeted for the crypto community. All this creative content was distributed in specific channels by our Social Media Team and generated a high quality campaign.

Graphics for Lexit Social media Campaigns
Series of Banners for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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